Domestic Window Cleaning in Epsom, Surrey

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With a wide range of cleaning services, we have the state of the art equipment, expertise and attention to detail that will enhance and maintain the look of your home.

Looking for a one off clean? Interested in regular cleaning but without tie-ins and commitments? Prefer specific set cleaning times that suit you? Call us to discuss your requirements.

  • Window Cleaning
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Cleaning of fascias and sofits
  • Conservatory cleaning
  • Pressure washing of patios

You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that we hold a highly comprehensive level of insurance, which includes £5m of public liability insurance coverage and covers any breakages should they occur in the course of our work. Our investment in the ladderless system enables us to deliver the same flawless finish to your home but with a vastly reduced risk of damage or accidents.

Visible results

We use Pure Water, the latest innovation in window cleaning that delivers streak and residue-free, sparkling windows. Frames and sills will be cleaned to the highest standard, ensuring your home is left looking immaculate. And our thorough internal window cleaning service will ensure you and your family can enjoy the clearest view.

Using Pure Water means;

  • Water is filtered through various stages designed to remove all impurities and create the chemical balance that optimises its ability to remove dirt.
  • Windows stay cleaner for longer, with a powerful protection against the effects of wind, pollen and rain on the glass.
  • Value for money for our customers, as windows need cleaning less frequently.

Our domestic cleaning services also include:

Gutter Cleaning

The importance of cleaning out gutters cannot be underestimated. When gutters are neglected they can cause significant structural damage. Blockages can cause leaks of water into your home. Frozen water stuck in gutters can expand and crack. Heavy, filled gutters can pull away from the house causing damage to fascias and sofits. And at times of bad weather and excessive rain, the risks are even higher.

We have the specialist gutter vacuuming equipment to ensure that your gutters are cleaned to the highest possible level, alleviating risks of damage and saving you an unpleasant job. We can work from the ground, vacuuming every last bit of debris out of the gutters and also identify any slips, cracks or issues before they lead to problems.

For an even deeper clean, we can use our Pure Water system for a sparkling finish. This will ensure that your gutters will be clean and well maintained, inside and out.

Conservatory Cleaning

A conservatory is a beautiful enhancement on a home, and at Gleam we take pride in our thorough, careful conservatory cleaning service.

Thanks to our water-fed pole system, we can reduce the need to lean ladders against your conservatory roof. The Pure Water we use is simply the most effective and long lasting cleaning system, resulting in a sparkling streak-free finish but also installing a barrier against rain, wind and dirt.

We’ll ensure every part of the structure is fully cleaned, from the glass panels and framework, to the roof, downpipes and any ornamental features and finials.

Not only will your conservatory look stunning, but you’ll enjoy more light and be safe in the knowledge that our specialist cleaners will identify any potential issues such as cracks or slips before they become a problem.

Solar Panels

The importance of regular cleaning of solar panels cannot be underestimated. The cleaner solar panels are, the more effectively they will work.

Our specialist cleaning service is safe and effective. It is guaranteed to maintain the efficiency of your Solar Panels, and therefore protect your investment.

Our ladderless water-fed pole system means that there are no ladders to lean against your roof, risking damage to tiles and or the panels themselves. Pure Water technology is regarded as the most effective, long lasting and non-damaging agent, relying on a sophisticated filtration process to achieve results. And as a result of the deep, sparkling finish that we can achieve, there is no need for additional chemical products.

Pressure Washing

Having your outside areas, patios, driveways and paths well maintained and looking great for the spring is a must for most people. But there are significant safety aspects too, build up of moss and algae throughout the winter can cause paved areas and decking to become very slippery.

We have invested in the best technology, using an industrial rotary pressure washer to deep clean patios, driveways, pavements and decking.

Able to work in all sizes of space, from courtyards to large gardens, our service will keep your outside areas smarter, cleaner and safer for longer, representing an excellent investment.

Fascias and Sofits

Annual cleaning of fascias and sofits can do wonders for the appearance of your home. It also helps to ensure you eliminate the risk of discolouration and the need to replace them in the long term.

Our specialist cleaning service will achieve and maintain a bright clean appearance which can transform the outside of your house. Using Pure Water enables a superb sparking finish which is longlasting and provides protection against rainwater, wind and dirt.

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5 reasons to use us for your domestic window cleaning in Epsom, Surrey

  • Highly trained, presentable, uniformed staff
  • Reliable and contactable administration and booking service
  • Last pure water technology including hot water to ensure consistent service all year round
  • Ladderless water-fed pole system
  • Fully insured limited company